Marketing Material Introduction

Since my days at Tower Records I have been involved in a wide range of design work mainly within the retail & entertainment sector. At ColorSet we where in charge of producing music & film release campaigns. This included:

• In-store posters
• Tube posters
• Banners
• Window displays
• Showcards

The music and film companies would send us cover and album artwork for the campaigns including brief. Then our team would come up with design & costing proposals. Most client's gave us a lot of creative freedom on projects, some client's jobs we had to follow very strict guide lines. All jobs had to be completed to very strict deadlines.

Capital Studio was the creative & repro arm of Capital Print & Display, one of the UK's biggest print & display companies. The studio had 2 designers, 4 repro operators & one cardboard engineer. I worked closely with the sales reps and marketing department who briefed me on projects. There was regular meetings to discuss progress and ideas with good communication between departements and clients. We where in charge of creating the following:

• Standees
• Free Standing Units
• Dump bins
• In-Store Point Of Sale
• Packaging
• Posters
• In-house Marketing Material

Clients we did work for included:

Sega, Tomy Toys, Guinness World Records, DeWalt, ShoeZone, Bay Trading, Vans,BhS & Warehouse

The whole production cycle was under one roof from design, repro, artworking, cardboard engineering, digital, litho & screen printing factory. This gave me excellent in-depth understanding of printing techniques and substrates. As it was quite a small studio I would help out with artworking, re-touching and even product photography.

Over the years I have also been designing a lot of club flyers. This has given me the chance to really express my creative passion.

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Welcome to John Svanberg's web site!

I am a Graphic Designer, 3D Visualiser and DJ living in Surrey (UK). You will be able to view my portfolio, listen to my music and mixes. I will also post useful tutorials and resource links on Design, 3D Modelling and Music.

My aim is to make this a resourceful and fun site for everyone to use. If you are interested in linking with my site, please get in contact.

Hope you enjoy your visit!

John Svanberg.

Sunday, 6th November 2011

"I have uploaded two new October mixes. To listen, just click on the 'My Mixes' tab at the bottom of the page. Or register and you can download them for your iPod or computer."

John Svanberg.
My DJ Profile

Tower Records was my first job after college. Having worked there as a singles buyer for Dance & Hip Hop got me very into music and opened my horizon to different music genres. At this point I was Dj'ing with 'Family Affair' who organised parties in studios and warehouses in and around London. I was playing House & Underground Garage at the time. Our most memorable event was the boat parties at Temple Pier by the Embankement. This was held every Sunday from 10am till 1am. Most of the crowd came straight from Ministry Of Sound. It was absolutely heaving every weekend! I played with Stretch, Tony Graver, John Stansfield & Mickey Simms. During this summer I played at Ministry Of Sound for three month in the VIP lounge. I have also played abroad including Elba (Italy), tour of Egypt & Dahab and Stockholm. Have been support DJ for Nicolette (Shut Up & Dance Records). Since then I have had to focus on my Graphic Design career. I have sold my decks and record collection and have now gone totally digital using my MacBook Pro and Reloop Digital Jockey unit. Still get together with DJ friends for a mix now and then. We do occasionally put on private parties and DJ in bars. Still got the bug!

My musical inspiration in my sets vary from Detroit Techno, Funk & Jazz to Hip Hop. Below is a list of DJ's and Producers I rate as my favourite:

• Ramon Tapia
• Oxia
• Hector Cuento
• Shur-I-Kan
• Milton Jackson
• Jimpster
• Lawnchair Generals
• Tommy Largo
• Inland Knights
• Mark Farina

I would describe my sets as being Funk fuelled Deep House with a Tech Housey underbelly!!??

My Monthly Chart (10/2/2011)

Welcome to my monthly chart!
I will be posting a monthly update of my favourite tracks here for you to enjoy.

Just press play on the MP3 player on the right to listen.

If you would like to be informed by email of future charts, please contact me and I will keep you informed!

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My Mixes

Here you will find an archive of my mixes. A selection of different styles and moods, from old to new. I will try to add one every month or so.

Just press play on the MP3 player on the right to listen.

If you would like me to download any of the mixes, please go to my registration page and sign up. There you will be able to download higher quality mixes. You can also select to be notified of any new mixes coming up.

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Video Tutorials

I will be posting video tutorials that might be of use here. Both on Graphic Design and Music.
Music Videos

I will be posting my favourite Music Videos here.

Here you will find all sorts...