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I use Cinema 4D for all my 3D work. Cinema 4D offers such a diverse output route for rendering including the ability to output all channels into Photoshop  and save whole scenes out to After Effects. I use Premiere Pro & After Effects for all my final editing. I am fairly new to Premier Pro & After Effects but love the intergration with Cinema 4D so it feels like a natural progression to learn these packages. As a traditional hand drawing illustrator I have been using Illustrator & Photoshop since 1990. In 1995 I started using Quark Xpress for layout work but quickly switched to InDesign in 2000.


Store 3D Fly-Thrus

This is a selection of 3D store walk-thru’s I produced at Lick Creative & Tag Worldwide. They were all modelled from floor plans and photographs. These stores where easily re-skinned with new POS campaigns to present to the clients to give them more of a understanding how their POS would work in store.

3D Animations

This is a selection of 3D animations I have designed. Most of these were part of client video presentations. I had a lot of creative freedom here to really push the boundaries and create some really eye-catching and fun sequences.




I have been working as a Creative Art-worker, Graphic Designer and now 3D Visualiser & Animator since 1989 in the Retail & Entertainment sector. Over the years I have been involved in the creation of marketing campaigns, POS material and Illustration work.

I have a complete understanding of the print production cycle including a good understanding of cardboard engineering and working with materials such as acrylic plastic and metal.

I’ve designed a wide range of brand identities and flyers including illustrations in my spare time.

In 1998 I started using Strata Studio Pro (Now called Strata 3D) to create simple visuals of in-store units and quickly realised 3D modelling was my true passion.

In 2000 I switched to using Cinema 4D R6. Since then I have been pushing my skills in both 3D modelling, lighting and animation. Mainly creating hi-end 3d visuals and animations of in-store POS and store fly-thru’s.

My ambition is to move into Motion Graphics and 3D Creative Illustration work. I spend most of my free time on 3D Blogs and tutorial sites to discover and learn new techniques.

I’m currently setting up as a freelance 3D Designer & Visualiser. I have a i7 27″ iMac at home and a brand new 2015 i7 15″ Retina Macbook Pro both fully spect out including a Canon 700D so I can work from home or on site. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in hiring me for your projects.

March 2014 - Present (Senior 3D Designer)

  • Creating 3D visuals of both permanent & cardboard in-store units
  • Producing store fly-thru's & technical animations

2009 - 2014 (3D Designer & Animator)

  • Designing POS Suites (including FSDU’s, standee’s & cubes) for the game, film and retail industry.
  • Working closely with the art director, artworkers and CAD team to complete projects within very tight deadlines and to very high standards.
  • Creating accurate and realistic 3D visuals for both permanent and semi-permanent displays.
  • Producing full store 3D walk-thru movies for clients.
  • Animating 3D titles and show-reels.
  • Training staff to use Cinema 4D and setting up company render farm.

2008 - 2009 (Freelance Designer)

  • Mercieca (Advertising Agency - Camden).
  • Dynamite Promotions (Hammersmith).
  • DKA (Advertising Agency – Oxford Street).
  • Augustus Martin (Retail & Brand Communication Company – Bow).
  • Creative Recruitment & Source.

2004 - 2008 (Senior Designer)

  • Design and visualising of point of sale and packaging for the retail sector.
  • Communicating point of sale concepts as 3D visuals for clients.
  • Designing FSDU’s, standee’s, dump-bins and working closely with cardboard engineers.
  • Product photography and re-touching.
  • In-house marketing material including: brochures, bags and web site.

2003 - 2004 (Senior Designer)

  • Designed various retail company brochures.
  • Team worked on 300 page catalogue for TM Retail.
  • Illustration design for packaging.
  • Creating company presentation boards.
  • In-house marketing material including: brochures, bags and web site.

1997 - 2003 (Senior Designer)

  • Creating a wide range of point of sale material for major record & film companies including: Warner Music, Warner Video, EMI, 20th Century Fox, Ministry Of Sound and the music retail sector.
  • Team worked on 300 page catalogue for TM Retail.
  • Visualising and designing window displays & in-store graphics.
  • Liaising with clients and negotiating costs on projects.
  • Established the company’s new corporate identity.

1989 - 1997 (Head Of Art Department)

  • In charge of visualisation of in-store promotional campaigns.
  • Designing magazine adverts.
  • Created and painted in-store displays and installed window graphics using a wide range of mediums such as water colours, acrylics, pastels, airbrush and spray paint.
  • Accountable for monthly budgets.


Site Back Up Finally!!!

I have now got the problem fixed. John 🙂

Site not working at the moment…

The site is currently not working. All my sliders are not loading. Awaiting tech support. Should be fixed soon… John 🙂

First Animation Showreel Added…

I have now added my first animation showreel. This covers store fly-thru’s I designed at Lick Creative & Tag Worldwide. I am working on the next one which will have more fun and experimental. 

My First Photography Project Added…


I have added my first photography project now. This was for Ben Naz’s remembrance graffiti jam in Waterloo.

2 New Mixes Uploaded…

Hi There Everyone!

Hope you have all had a great weekend. I have uploaded two new mixes for you.
Hope you like them. JS 🙂

Site progress…

Slowly working through my portfolio sections… Been a hell of a week at work… Off to Ibiza for a week… CAN’T WAIT! A bit of much needed downtime to relax (and take some shots with my new camera 😉 of corse!) I am planning to set up a separate portfolio for my photos… and not forgetting my animation show reel(s). Have a great weekend all! 🙂 John.


22 – 11 – 2014 Mix

8 – 11 – 2014 Mix

Aptil 2012 Mix

Kevin Yost – Keep It Deep Radio Show Pt.2

Yamen & EDA Mix

Gorge Mix

You can find all my mixes on SoundCloud.com


You can contact me on the details below:


Mobile: +44 (0) 7812 58 36 37

Email: mail@johnnyswedish.co.uk

Web: www.johnnyswedish.co.uk

Johnny Swedish Ltd. Reg No: 09628802

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